Cooking fish sous vide is a fast and easy way for a delicious meal. The times here work for all fish, but if you are cooking an especially thick piece of fish, you might want to cut it into indivudal pieces. Salmon, halibut, black cod are the types of fish that most commonly used for sous vide. A medium rare with fish is achieved at 122 F, so anything lower than that will have to be done with fish you can really trust.

Recipe Ideas

  1. Milk Poached HalibutDave Arnold (Adapted)

  2. Salmon Mi-CuitChef Steps

  3. Honey Glazed SalmonAmateur Gourmet

General Tips

  1. Most people brine the fish to prevent white albumin from forming and some people feel that the flavor is improved as well

  2. While not every recipe will call for it, adding a little bit of olive oil or butter is recommended to improve the texture.

  3. Technically, professionally frozen fish is safer than fresh fish due to the cold temperatures slowing down the activity of most types of bacteria.